What does the change in the color of the oil in the automatic box indicate?

The absence of critical faults in the automatic transmission will largely depend on the quality of the transmission oil used. In an automatic transmission, oil is not only responsible for lubricating rubbing surfaces and cooling heated parts, but is also a working hydraulic fluid. That is why it is extremely important to regularly check the condition of the oil, changing it if necessary. It is equally important to read about what to do with old license plates ontario.

Automatic transmission oil check
Most modifications of automatic transmissions have a mechanical dipstick that allows you not only to check the oil level, but also its color and consistency. On such a dipstick there are special marks with the inscription Hot and Cold, respectively, these are the values ​​for a hot and cold gearbox.

Directly measuring the oil level is not difficult, it will be necessary to set the transmission selector to the parking position, without turning off the engine, remove the dipstick, wipe it with a clean cloth, insert it back into the transmission, and then remove and evaluate the current oil level in the engine. At the same time, the color of the oil is checked, which should not be black or have various soot and metal inclusions.

Fresh oil will be a clear amber-yellow color. In rare cases, transmission fluid contains various additives that give it a greenish, yellowish or reddish tint. Moreover, such oil should be transparent, and it is transparency that is one of the signs that the transmission fluid retains all its properties. If the oil becomes dark or brown in color, it is opaque with foreign metal particles, then in such a case it is necessary not only to change the ATP fluid in a timely manner, but also to repair the machine.

By the way, you can determine the condition of the oil in the gearbox by its smell. The oil should not have a characteristic burning smell, which indicates overheating of the automatic transmission and wear of the clutches. In such a case, when the oil smells like burning, it is necessary to contact the service as soon as possible and repair the transmission.

If the oil becomes cloudy, it has characteristic light streaks, which may indicate its foaming and the ingress of liquid from the cooling system into the system. If such malfunctions are detected in the car, stop operating the car, deliver the car to the service and diagnose it.

Regular service
The car owner needs to perform transmission service on a regular basis, it is imperative to change the ATF oil, and such work is performed on the runs recommended by the automaker. In the instructions for the car, you can find all the necessary information on the approval of such a transmission oil, and it is this oil that should be used on your car.

The alternation of partial and complete oil changes is allowed, and in the first case, work can be done independently without opening the sump and replacing the oil filter. If a complete oil change is made in the automatic box, it is necessary to use special equipment, which, due to pressure, drives the oil out of the hard-to-reach places of the machine. Also, the pallet is opened at the same time, the filters are cleaned and replaced, the magnets are inspected, on which there should not be hedgehogs made of metal shavings, which indicates wear of the iron part of the box.

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