The trunk of an average car can not boast impressive size. A set of mandatory items: fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit, tow rope – undoubtedly will fit. Long journeys, apartment moves and just trips to the country house or mushroom picking require more space. The spare tire and the set of tools take up a considerable part of the car, but you can’t do without them. This article will teach you how to use every inch of your car wisely. And be sure to turn in your old car for scrap for cash.

There is a risk to lose or damage the license plate on a long trip, so you should take care of a duplicate license plate in advance. You can order a duplicate license plate on the website. The service of making duplicate license plate is absolutely legal because the company works according to the appropriate licenses and governmental standards. To obtain a duplicate you do not need to contact the traffic police and other authorities, it is enough to place an order on the website.

The roof is an extra seat
When there is no place to stow your luggage in the cabin, you can place them outside the car. Attachments will help to rationally use the top of the body. Parallel iron fasteners, which bind oversized cargo, are economical, but spoil aesthetic perception of the car. In addition, in such a luggage compartment items will get wet in the rain, bend in the wind and experience other elemental inclement weather. The lashing rope will let you down as you enter a corner or when braking. It’s frustrating to break glass or fragile appliances by accidental coincidence. For these reasons, roof baskets are a thing of the past.

Car owners’ choice stops at auto boxes. The closed-type design will take tens of thousands of rubles out of your wallet. It won’t ruin the visual appearance of even a popular Russian-built ladies’ hatchback. Different in color and size, additional luggage compartments, will quench the need of the avid car enthusiast.

Advantages of auto boxes:
Design features allow you to carry a pile of small trinkets;
Isolation from prying eyes;
Protection against getting wet and wind.
You shouldn’t expect similar effectiveness from the other options. If the vehicle is crammed year-round, there is no room to pass the time. Folded back seats will increase the space no more than for 30%, thus the driver will hardly take a company of his friends for a breeze.

It is necessary to make some fuss with a trailer: to issue documents, register it and get license plates. Outwardly clumsy and lopsided, it will cost 2-3 times more than attractive autobox. Forget about your habitual style of driving. The trailer is reluctant to enter curves, interferes with acceleration and braking. Get ready to see onboard computer increased gasoline consumption.

And the most important advice: before modifying the car, review the contents of the trunk. Do you really need a snow shovel and scrapers on the road in summer?

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