Talking about silent blocks

A silent block, also known as a rubber-metal joint, is present in every car. These are two bushings made of metal that are connected by a rubber gasket.

This part is part of the suspension of the car and is needed to join the parts in the form of an elastic bushing. It compensates for the stresses that the components transmit to each other while the vehicle is in motion. The high loads are caused by the constant deformation received from the vehicle’s suspension, which is counteracted by the silent block. If the silentblock and many other parts are not fixed, use scrap my car in toronto.

This part is found in both vehicle suspensions and is required for fixing the suspension arms, anti-roll bar, etc. In addition, you will find them on the shock absorbers, to mount the transmission and engine of the vehicle.

To ensure that the poor road quality does not “kill” the units discussed above, and that the tires do not wear unevenly, you should regularly check the condition of the silent blocks. According to the factory standards, their service life is 100 thousand kilometers, but the reality is that due to the Russian roads these parts can withstand only 50 thousand kilometers.

The safety of silent blocks is very important. It is worth to repair the suspension at the first complaints to its operation, so as not to reduce the safety of people in the vehicle.

Inspect the condition of the silent blocks you can yourself, paying attention to their external integrity and the presence of damage and delamination of rubber. If defects are found, do not delay replacing the parts. If there is excessive play in the silentblocks while they are intact, the unit also needs to be replaced.

Don’t procrastinate with the repair. Faulty silent-block will eventually lead to a breakdown of the hinge mount, so one change of the part will not be enough. In neglected cases, it is necessary to change the suspension arm as well.

A difficult thing when replacing a silent block is the difficulty of pressing them in. Only professional tools facilitate such work. Otherwise, you can damage the rubber gasket of the part.

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