Selecting an on-board computer for your car and its features

The presence of an onboard computer in the car is not only an additional wish of many motorists, but, in today’s market, and a built-in part of the car. And not only imported cars have moved to embedded computers, but also domestic representatives of the automobile industry. This company is also dev

eloping rapidly:

And because computer technology to date are developing quite rapidly, it is possible to embed computers of different modifications and with different functions.

Therefore, it is the desire of the user to use a particular function determines the choice of the computer model. And since the main task of the onboard computer is informative and computerized car control, there are such functions as determining the temperature in the cabin, outside the cabin, engine temperature, gasoline consumption, oil and their quantity, the voltage of the electric network of the car, faulty units.

Looking through these data, the user is always aware of existing problems of his car and can in time prevent the arisen danger. At the same time it is possible to specify in the computer settings, that in case of any damage, emergency situation, discrepancy of one of the parameters to the reference value, the system defined it not only on the display, but also gave out a sound signal attracting the attention of the driver.

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