How to change the oil in a gearbox?

Changing the oil is theoretically not a complicated operation. Not everyone likes to perform it on their own, and in this case, of course, it is better to go to the service station. But you still need to know how to change the oil in the gearbox. Suddenly, such a need will arise when there is no opportunity to turn to a professional. If the gearbox and other car parts are so damaged that it’s easier to throw them in a landfill, write here: They give good money for cars that can’t be repaired.

How to change the oil in a manual transmission

Cars can be equipped with both automatic and manual transmissions. Each of these cases has its own peculiarities. To begin with, it is worth considering how oil is changed in a manual transmission. The algorithm of action will be as follows:

Replacement is made only after the car has been driven for 5-10 km, so that the consistency of the oil has become more liquid, and the used product can be drained.
To carry out replacement put the car on an elevator, and the work should begin no later than 10-15 minutes after you turn off the engine, otherwise the oil has time to thicken again.
Some models are equipped with a crankcase protection, it must be removed.
Cork control hole, which is just to determine the level of fluid, round off. It is recommended to check whether it needs to replace the gasket. With high mileage of the vehicle (hereinafter – the vehicle) or its operation in difficult conditions, the gasket may wear out rather quickly, and then it will need to be replaced immediately.
It is necessary to open the drain hole, which in these cars is in the crankcase. Oil is drained through it into a pre-prepared dish. The easiest way to do this is to take an old canister.
When the old oil will be drained, the cover of the hole should be closed.
Using an ordinary syringe, you should take a certain amount of fresh oil and pour it into the neck to fill the liquid. If oil starts to drip from the control hole, then you must stop – the level is exceeded.
After that the hole through which you poured oil, close and install back the crankcase protection.
In order to check if everything is working as it should, you need to start the engine and do a test drive with changing modes. Thanks to this, the oil will be able to fill all the mechanisms that need it.

Nuances of changing the oil in an automatic transmission

The preparatory stage will generally be the same, that is, you need to make the oil more liquid, and for this you need a short trip. Then everything is also set the vehicle on the elevator and remove the crankcase protection, etc. Directly under the gearbox you should put a vessel to drain the liquid. There is a cork on the device sump and it must be unscrewed to drain the used oil. But in this case, everything will be more complicated, because first you need to remove the automatic box filter mounts and the hydrogroup. From these parts also need to drain the remaining oil.

For this procedure to pass faster, it is necessary to move a selector of a box from Parking position to Drive position with the engine switched off, and then to carry out the opposite action. Such procedure should be performed several times, and in the end – with the engine on to make sure there is no oil residue. Do not leave the engine running for more than a minute.

The filter should be washed, because if its cells are contaminated, it will reduce the life of the system as a whole. Then these parts are put back. A dipstick is used to check the level. After pouring it, it is necessary to start the engine – as in the case of a manual transmission, in order to check the operation.

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