How to change a headlight?

Modern car optics is characterized by a rather complex device. You should not dismantle or repair it yourself. However, there are situations when there are simply no alternatives. Therefore, every car owner should know how to change the headlamp. And you also need to figure out how to replace the glass alone – this is generally a simpler option. It makes no sense to change the headlights on a badly wrecked car. It’s better to recycle such cars right away:

How the headlight is removed

Any work on electrical appliances requires safety procedures to be followed. Removing a headlight is no exception. In order to avoid injury, you must first disconnect the battery terminals – even if the simplest work is to be done. In addition, the removal of the headlight and the installation of a new headlight can only be done in a dry room with normal humidity of air.

As for tools, you will need a screwdriver and a set of open-end wrenches to remove the old headlight. Each car model may have its own peculiarities. For example, on some models you will need to remove the bumper in order to get to the headlight. On some models, it is enough to remove the heater radiator, although this is quite a difficult task, especially if the person does not have the appropriate skills.

Then you should remove all the fasteners, with which the headlight is attached to the body of the car. It happens so that they have time to get stuck, and in this case they are pre-treated with an anti-corrosion composition.

Further the scheme of actions is the following:

The headlight should be removed from its mounting location.
If it is necessary to use a lever, a spatula made of wood or plastic is taken. Before using it, it is wrapped with a cloth so as not to damage the coating of the car.
The lever should be put into the gap between the body and the headlight, then it is taken aside and take out the optics.
After that, remove the device from the bracket on which it was attached.
Disconnect the plug with the wires connected to the optic cartridge.
If you have to remove the front bumper of the car for disassembly work, it is better to do it on the pit, because access to the fixing elements will be possible only from below.

How to install the new headlamp

Installation work is carried out strictly in the reverse order to the described process. First connect the plug with wires to the new headlight, then attach it to the bracket, then fix it in the car body. Act very carefully. You should make sure that the gap between the body and the headlamp is 5 mm (there may be a slight discrepancy). Carefully screw all fasteners. Last install a decorative grille or bumper – depending on the model of the car.

How to change a fog light

In all car models, this optic is mounted in the front bumper. That is, it is necessary to remove it on a mandatory basis. In this case, after dismantling the bumper, remove the fasteners and remove the old headlight, having previously disconnected the plug with wires. The algorithm of actions in general resembles the one described above.

Headlight glass replacement
If in general the working elements of the headlight are not damaged, but the glass turned out to be broken, it is necessary to make its replacement. But even in this case the headlight must be dismantled from the car, and only then remove the glass by unfastening the special latches and replace it with a new one – with observance of safety precautions.

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