How to Change a Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump is the device that pumps fuel from the tank. Of course, it directly affects whether or not the car can move at all. Therefore, the motorist needs to know how to change the fuel pump. It is better, of course, to address to masters in service stations. But if there is a desire to do everything yourself, then you should first study the instructions. Sometimes the fuel pump and all other parts of the machine are so damaged that it is easier and more profitable to scrap them. You can do it here:

What are the causes of failure

The fuel pump consists of several elements. This is directly a device for pumping, working from electricity, a fuel filter and a sensor for measuring the fuel level. Accordingly, if the pump fails, the priming device may be broken, the filter may be clogged or the fuel sensor may malfunction. The latter is possible if dirt gets into its contact group or its parts are oxidized.

How to check the fuel pump

The fact that something is wrong with the pump is indicated by the appearance of characteristic signs. This and a decrease in engine power, and the emergence of increased noise during operation – it can be described as a howling. All this indicates that it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. This is possible even in the conditions of a private garage. To do this, you need to check the pressure in the system, which supplies fuel. It is necessary to connect a pressure gauge to the connection on the fuel ramp and measure the indicators. If the pressure will be below 250 kPa, the fuel filter needs to be replaced.

Sometimes you can do with less drastic measures. For example, you can dismantle the pump and clean the receiver screen on this device, and then check the pressure reading again. If it did not increase, then you will definitely have to replace the pump.

How to replace the equipment

In most passenger cars, the pump is located directly in the fuel tank, where it is immersed in the fuel. The tank itself is usually located in the back of the car under the underbody. The pump is placed on top of it, which allows you to access it from inside the car, but you have to remove the rear passenger seat to do so.

You will need a standard set of tools for the job – screwdriver and wrench sets. As with other work, you must first disconnect the terminals from the battery, as well as it is necessary to reduce the pressure in the power system. Then you should follow this algorithm:

The fuel lines are removed from the pump. You must first see how the hose is attached, but in most cases you use a nut that can be unscrewed with a wrench.
Then the pump mounting nuts and the clamping ring are removed.
The fuel pump is gently pulled out of the tank, together with the sensor.
Check the sealing ring. Most often it is made of rubber, and over time it loses its elasticity and cracks. So even if the pump itself is OK, the ring might need to be replaced.
Remove the fuel level sensor by unscrewing the screws fixing it.
Disconnect the wiring harness from the bracket and from the pump electric motor.
If necessary remove the fuel filter and clean it from dirt.
Remove the pump for pumping directly from the body of the device. Replace this unit. Install the filter and sensor.
All disconnected lines and parts are returned into place.
The pump replacement procedure is quite complicated and requires certain skills. Therefore, if the motorist himself does not risk doing it, it is possible to turn to professionals.

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